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Getting Bi'



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HBO- Our Flag Means Death

Episode 6 / Dutch Captain


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@pbcseries. coming soon. 


Shot a new show in Finland (and Spain) PERFECT COMANDO.

Kian Lawley (Zac & Mia,) Katherine C. Hughes (My Dead Ex), Pete Gardner (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Project X) alongside local cast members Johannes Holopainen (Heavy Trip), Fanni Noroila (HasBeen) and Tommi Korpela (Bullets).

Perfect Commando follows Van (Kian Lawley) and Rachel (Katherine C. Hughes), whose carefree lives in California are turned upside down when Van visits his mother’s home country of Finland and he is subsequently thrown into military service because of his dual citizenship.

9/20/21 Eagle Heart (Adult Swim)
Just landed on HBO MAX...
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Coming Soon...2021

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Had a blast at Radio City Music Hall! Unbelievable experience.


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